6 ‘special’ features Apple’s new iOS update has for iPhone users in India

Apple’s latest and biggest OS update — iOS 14 — has started rolling out on iPhones in India. Amongst an array of features that iOS 14 brings, there are several India-centric features that have arrived on the iPhones. Here are some of those features that iPhone users can get access to with iOS 14

Indian English translation feature comes with iOS 14

iOS 14 brings a new Translation app to the iPhone. Amongst the many languages that you can translate into, there’s the option of Indian English as well. Sadly, support for Hindi or other local languages is still missing from iPhones.

Mail app gets support for Devanagari email IDs

The native Mail app on the iPhone now gets support for Devanagari email IDs. So if there’s somebody in your contact who has an email ID in Devanagari, you can send them directly from the Mail app.

Siri gets a ‘desi’ touch

While Apple did give an Indian ‘voice’ to Siri last year with iOS 13, with iOS 14 Siri sounds much more real. The robot-like voice has been replaced with a more human voice in iOS 14.

iMessage also gets a dash of localisation in India

With iOS 14, Apple has given iMessage quite an overhaul. One of the features that iMessage has is that it gives special effects when certain messages are sent. With iOS 14, Apple has given a local touch to these effects. Messages like Happy Diwali or Happy Holi among others will produce these localised special effects.

Better spam management in text messages

Android had this feature for a while but Apple has segregated messages in three different sections with iOS 14. You can see messages in sections like Promotional, Transactional, Known Senders, Unknown Senders. This feature will help you segregate spam messages in a much better way.

iOS 14 adds new styles to Indian fonts

Apple has added support for 20 new fonts with iOS 14. Not just that, existing Indian fonts have received new styles as well.

Source:- gadgetsnow