Alert! Update your Google Chrome browser if you want to be safe, warns CERT-In

In its advisory, CERT-In said, “Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Google Chrome which could be exploited by an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted system.”

According to Google blog, the security vulnerabilities are not being disclosed “until a majority of users are updated with a fix.” This could have a drastic effect on the user as it could help an attacker to execute arbitrary code, could view, change or delete data in the targeted system.

Further explaining the problem, CERT-In revealed, “Multiple vulnerabilities exist in Google Chrome due to Use after free in payments, Heap buffer in extensions, Heap buffer in Tab Groups, Use after Free in Fonts, Use after Free in Navigation, Inappropriate implementation in Skia and Heap buffer overflow in V8. An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by persuading the victims to persuade a specially crafted website.”

Google has already rolled out the beat version of Chrome 89 and it is going to come up with further updates over the coming weeks and days.