Netflix Subscription Plans in India: Netflix Monthly, Yearly Plans, Price, Offers

Netflix in India has become a super source of entertainment and people especially the youth have now made a shift from watching TV serials to web series that are streaming on online platforms like Netflix. Netflix has curated its content keeping in mind the Indian viewers and has added a lot on new and interesting content. If you are also looking to get an all-new Netflix subscription plan, but are confused as to which plan to opt for then you have landed up at the correct place. We’ll be sharing some popular Netflix membership plans with the price that are based on monthly subscription. Netflix has also come up with yearly plans in India that offers some relaxation in the subscription fee. So here are all the details that you would like to know about the Netflix subscription plans.

Netflix Monthly Subscription Plans

Following are the four basic Netflix monthly subscription plans in India that allow you to access some of the best Netflix series streaming online.

Mobile-only Plan Rs. 199/Month

Like its name, this plan is only applicable for mobile and tablets. You will have access to all the Netflix exclusive content on your mobile phone only. By subscribing to this plan you will be able to watch the content on your phone but will be devoid of watching it on a large screen. This plan is available at a Netflix subscription fee of Rs. 199 per month only.

Basic Plan Rs. 499/Month

Next in line is the basic plan. This Netflix monthly subscription will cost you around Rs. 499 for one month. Through this Netflix subscription offer, you will be able to access the Netflix exclusive content on your mobile and large screen as well. However, you will be able to sign in to one device only at a time.

Standard Plan Rs. 649/Month

A little modified version of the basic plan is the standard plan. This Netflix subscription offers you to access Netflix original content on 2 devices at the same time. This Netflix plan also allows you to access HD content on your device.

Premium Plan Rs. 799/Month

The most advanced Netflix monthly subscription plan is the premium plan that allows you to access Netflix original content on 4 screens at the same time. That means by taking this subscription you will be able to use Netflix along with your friends and family.

Netflix Yearly Subscription Plans

Netflix has recently come up with the annual subscription plans in India. Earlier Netflix had only allowed monthly subscription in India. Here’s a brief of the latest Netflix yearly subscriptions.

Mobile-Only Plan Rs. 2,388/Year

Like the monthly plan, this annual mobile-only plan is also applicable for mobile and tablets only. On subscribing to this plan you will be able to view all of Netflix original series on your mobile device.

Basic Plan Rs. 5,988/Year

Similar to the monthly basic plan this annual basic plan also offers access to all the Netflix original series and content or a period of one year on a single device. This means you will be able to log in to one device at one point of time.

Standard Plan Rs. 7,788/Year

The next Netflix annual subscription plan is the standard plan that offers you to access the Netflix content on two devices simultaneously. This plan also allows you to watch HD content either on your mobile or laptop.

Premium Plan Rs. 9,588/Year

The most advanced Netflix annual subscription plan is the premium plan that allows the subscriber to access all the Netflix content including HD videos on 4 devices simultaneously.

Netflix Plans in India

Netflix Subscription BenefitsMobile OnlyBasicStandardPremium
Monthly Price₹ 199₹ 499₹ 649₹ 799
Annual Price₹ 2,388₹ 5,988₹ 7,788₹ 9,588
HD availableNoNoYesYes
Ultra HD availableNoNoNoYes
Watch on your Laptop & TVNoYesYesYes
Watch on your Mobile phone & TabletYesYesYesYes
Screens you can simultaneously watch content on1124
Unlimited movies & TV showsYesYesYesYes
Cancel AnytimeYesYesYesYes

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